The DIS2017 Awards

Best Paper Awards (top 1% of reviewed submissions)


Supporting Cultural Heritage Professionals Adopting and Shaping Interactive Technologies in Museums
Laura Maye, University of Limerick Dominique Bouchard, Hong Kong Maritime Museum Gabriela Avram, University of Limerick
Luigina Ciolfi, Sheeld Hallam University

Hackerspace Tropes, Identities, and Community Values
Austin Toombs, Newcastle University

What Lies Above: Alternative user experiences produced through focussing attention on GNSS infrastructure
Christopher Wood, Queen Mary University of London Stefan Poslad, Queen Mary University of London
Jennifer Gabrys, Goldsmiths College Antonios Kaniadakis, Queen Mary University of London

“Against Marrying a Stranger:” Marital Matchmaking Technologies in Saudi Arabia
Adel Al-Dawood, University of Minnesota Norah Abokhodair, University of Washington Houda El mimouni, Drexel University Svetlana Yarosh, University of Minnesota

Enabling Collaboration in Learning Computer Programming Inclusive of Children with Vision Impairments
Anja Thieme, Microsoft Research Cecily Morrison, Microsoft Research Nicolas Villar, Microsoft Research Martin Grayson, Microsoft Research Siân Lindley, Microsoft Research



Tunneling Through Alternative Facts: The Qwand Problem Space Machine
Maria Angela Ferrario, Lancaster University Stephen Forshaw, Lancaster University

Co-Designing Innovations for Energy Saving in Large Organisations
Evan Morgan, University of Edinburgh Lynda Webb, University of Edinburgh Nigel Goddard, University of Edinburgh
Kate Carter, University of Edinburgh Janette Webb, University of Edinburgh


Cairn: A Tangible Apparatus for Situated Data Collection, Visualization and Analysis
Pauline Gourlet, Paragraphe – C3U, Université Paris 8


Light Behavior Design: Violation of Unification Principles and the Eect on the User Experience
Wendy Dassen, TU Eindhoven Stephan Wensveen, TU Eindhoven Pierre Lévy, TU Eindhoven


LOOP: A Physical Artifact to Facilitate Seamless Interaction with Personal Data in Everyday Life
Kim Sauvé; Eindhoven University of Technology Steven Houben; Lancaster University, Nicolai Marquardt; University College London Saskia Bakker; Eindhoven University of Technology Bart Hengeveld; Eindhoven University of Technology Sarah Gallacher; Intel Labs Europe, Yvonne Rogers; University College London

Honourable Mentions (top 5% of reviewed submissions)


  • Guided Selfies using Models of Portrait Aesthetics
  • How Balancing Affects Play Players Adaptation to Balancing in an Exergame for Children with Cerebral Palsy
  • Machine Learning for Makers: Interactive Sensor Data Classification Based on Augmented Code Examples
  • Image-based Emotion Feedback: How Does the Crowd Feel? And Why?
  • Examining Low-Cost Virtual Reality for Learning in Low-Resource Environments
  • Design Guidelines for Web Readability
  • The Challenges of Visual-Kinaesthetic Experience
  • The Rough Mile: Testing a Framework of Immersive Practice
  • Designing Contestability: Interaction Design, Machine Learning, and Mental Health
  • Voodle: vocal doodling to sketch affective robot motion
  • In Harmony: Making a Wearable Musical Instrument as a Case Study of using Boundary Objects in an Interdisciplinary Collaborative Design Process
  • Morse Things: A Design Inquiry into the Gap Between Things and Us
  • Calming Children When Drawing Blood Using Breath-based Biofeedback
  • Translational Resources: Reducing the Gap Between Academic Research and HCI Practice
  • The Rise of Bots: a survey of conversational interfaces, patterns, and paradigms
  • FutureSelf: What Happens When We Forecast Self-Trackers’ Future Health Statuses?
  • Tangible VR: Diegetic Tangible Objects for Virtual Reality Narratives
  • TransPoint: Real-time Remote Lecturing via Adaptive Transparency
  • Analyzing Creativity Methods in Design
  • Video Prototyping for Interaction Design Across Multiple Displays in the Commercial Flight Deck



  • Video Prototyping for Interaction Design Across Multiple Displays in the Commercial Flight Deck



  • The Sophi HUD: A novel visual analytics tool for news media
  • Is Driverless Car Another Weiserian Mistake?
  • “This is My Story…”: Storytelling with Tangible Artifacts among Migrant Women in Germany
  • MyWord: Supporting the Interest-based Learning of Words through a Personal Visual Dictionary