Demos Program

The Demos will be available for viewing in the Assembly Rooms Ballroom throughout the conference, a special session will be held on Monday June 12th between 6pm and 8pm as part of the evening reception where authors will be available next to the their demos.

bestpaper LOOP: A Physical Artifact to Facilitate Seamless Interaction with Personal Data in Everyday Life

Kim Sauvé; Eindhoven University of Technology
Steven Houben; Lancaster University
Nicolai Marquardt; University College London
Saskia Bakker; Eindhoven University of Technology
Bart Hengeveld; Eindhoven University of Technology
Sarah Gallacher; Intel Labs Europe
Yvonne Rogers; University College London

Augmented Table-Top Role-Playing Game with Movement-Based Gameplay and Arm-Worn Devices

Oğuz Turan Buruk; Koç University
İsmet Melih Özbeyli;  Koç University
Oguzhan Ozcan; Koç University

Development of a Low-cost Multimodal VR System for Engineering Design

Tessa Roper; , The University of Nottingham
Glyn Lawson; The University of Nottingham
Che Abdullah; The University of Nottingham

The Hedonic Haptics Player: A Wearable Device to Experience Vibrotactile Compositions

Laurens Boer; IT University of Copenhagen
Ben Cahill; IT University Copenhagen
Anna Vallgårda; IT University of Copenhagen

Xketch: A Sketch-Based Prototyping Tool to Accelerate Mobile App Design Process

Shu-Hui Li; National ChengChi University, Taipei, Taiwan
Jia-Jyun Hsu; National ChengChi University, Taipei, Taiwan
Chih-Ya Chang; National ChengChi University, Taipei, Taiwan
Pin-Hsuan Chen; National ChengChi University, Taipei, Taiwan
Neng-Hao Yu; National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan

Echo(): Listening to the Reflection of Obsolete Technology

Laewoo Kang; Cornell University

E-textile Production of Wearable Ambient Notification Devices

Ebba Fransén Waldhör; University of the Arts Berlin
Pauline Vierne ; Universität der Künste
Paul Seidler; University of Arts Berlin
Berit Greinke; DFKI, Berlin
Katharina Bredies; Berlin University of the Arts

BREF: BRowser-based Evaluation Framework

Sebastian Schöffel; University of Kaiserslautern
Johannes Schwank; University of Kaiserslautern
Jan Stärz; University of Kaiserslautern
Achim Ebert; University of Kaiserslautern
Gerrit van der Veer; Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Calm Station: An Interactive Perpetual Desk Object that Reduces Digital Distractions

Taewan Kim; Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology
Young-Woo Park; UNIST(Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology
Hwajung Hong ; Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology

The Ambient Birdhouse: Bringing Birds Inside to Learn About Birds Outside

Margot Brereton; Queensland University of Technology
Malavika Vasudevan; Queensland University of Technology
Tshering Dema; Queensland University of Technology
Jessica Cappadonna; Queensland University of Technology
Cara Wilson; Queensland University of Technology
Paul Roe; Queensland University of Technology

Tele-Handwriter: Affective Digital Text Communication Using Physical Handwriting

Oosung Son; KAIST
Chang Min Kim; KAIST
Tek-Jin Nam; KAIST

GPS Tarot: Encounters with Satellites as Divination Tools

Christopher Wood; Queen Mary University of London
Stefan Poslad; Queen Mary University of London
Jennifer Gabrys; University of London, London
Antonios Kaniadakis; Queen Mary University of London

Designing the Expressive Point Lights to Enhance User’s Situated Awareness of Smart Systems

Yoga Liu; National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Ya-Han Lee; NTU IoX Center
Yaliang Chuang; Eindhoven University of Technology
Rung-Huei Liang; National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Lin-Lin Chen; National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

RecycHongs: Mobile App Co-design

Julija Naskova; Hong Kong Polytechnic University