Provocations and Works in Progress Program

The PWiP posters will be available for viewing in the Assembly Rooms MusicHall throughout the conference, a special session will be held on Monday June 12th between 6pm and 8pm as part of the evening reception where authors will be available next to the their posters

Understanding Autonomy, Animism and Presence as a Design Strategy for Behavior Change

  • Xueliang (Sean) Li
  • Marco C. Rozendaal
  • Kaspar Jansen
  • Catholijn Jonker

A Provocation for Rethinking and Democratising Emoji Design

  • Selina Sutton
  • Shaun Lawson

UX Practitioners’ Engagement with Intermediate-Level Knowledge

  • Colin M. Gray
  • Yubo Kou

Designing Commenting Mechanisms for Dynamic Media: Synchronous Overlay and Adjacent Scrollable

  • Bingjie Yu
  • Leon Watts

Not on Demand: Internet of Things Enabled Energy Temporality

  • Joseph Lindley
  • Paul Coulton
  • Rachel Cooper

Best Way to Go?: Intriguing Citizens to Investigate What Is Behind Smart City Technologies

  • Franziska Maria Tachtler

GestAnalytics: Experiment and Analysis Tool for Gesture-Elicitation Studies

  • Oăuz Turan Buruk
  • Oăuzhan Özcan

Sustainable HCI: Blending Permaculture and User-experience.

  • Callum Egan
  • David Benyon

An Augmented Reality Game using Face Recognition Technology

  • Tom Feltwell
  • Gavin Wood
  • Conor Linehan
  • Shaun Lawson

bestpaper Co-Designing Innovations for Energy Saving in Large Organisations

  • Evan Morgan
  • Lynda Webb
  • Nigel Goddard
  • Janette Webb
  • Kate Carter

Exploring the Materials of TUIs: A Multi-Method Approach

  • Sarah Hayes
  • Trevor Hogan
  • Kieran Delaney

Beauty and the Beast: An IoT Design Method Based on Improvisational Acting

  • Jiwon Jung
  • HoYeon Nam
  • Youn-kyung Lim
  • Kun-pyo Lee

Interaction Under Pressure: Increased Mental Workload Makes Issues of Intuitive Interaction Visible

  • Daniel Reinhardt
  • Jörn Hurtienne

Time-Turner: Data Engagement Through Everyday Objects in the Home

  • Samarth Singhal
  • William Odom
  • Lyn Bartram
  • Carman Neustaedter

Piecing Together the Past: Constructing Stories with Jigsaw Puzzles in Museums

  • Sarah Hayes
  • Michelle O’Keeffe
  • Trevor Hogan

Analyzing Student Travel Patterns With Augmented Data Visualizations

  • Carl Skelton
  • Manpreet Kaur Juneja
  • Cody Dunne
  • Jeremy Bowes
  • Steve Szigeti
  • Minsheng Zheng
  • Marcus Gordon
  • Sara Diamond

Effects of Color and Threshold on User Perception of Heat Maps

  • Chloe Eghteabs
  • Brendan Ritter
  • Alap Parikh
  • Lars Lischke

Stakeholder Tokens: A Constructive Method for Value Sensitive Design Stakeholder Analysis

  • Daisy Yoo

Animating Matter: Creating Organic-like Movement in Soft Materials

  • Iddo Wald
  • Yoav Orlev
  • Andrey Grishko
  • Oren Zuckerman

The Grumpy Bin: Reducing Food Waste Through Playful Social Interactions

  • Ferran Altarriba
  • Stefano Eugenio Lanzani
  • Ana Torralba
  • Mathias Funk

Designing For Meaningfulness: A Case Study Of A Pregnancy Wearable For Men

  • Vanessa Julia Carpenter
  • Dan Overholt

Old, Sick And No Health Insurance.: Will You Need A Permit To Use Your Home-made Health Wearable?

  • Michael Stead
  • Paul Coulton

Food-to-Person Interaction: How to Get Information About What We Eat?

  • Ekaterina Sysoeva
  • Ivan Zusik
  • Oleksandr Symonenko

In Search of UX Translators: Analyzing Researcher-Practitioner Interactions on Twitter

  • Jason Brier
  • Colin M. Gray
  • Yubo Kou

bestpaper Tunneling Through Alternative Facts: The Qwand Problem Space Machine

  • Maria Angela Ferrario
  • Stephen Forshaw

Musico: Personal Playlists through Peripheral and Implicit Interaction

  • Petek Tezcan
  • Saskia Bakker
  • Berry Eggen

CADLens: Haptic Feedback for Navigating in 3D Environments

  • Nikolaj Haulrik
  • Rasmus M. Petersen
  • Timothy Merritt

hm MyWord: Supporting the Interest-based Learning of Words through a Personal Visual Dictionary

  • Cara Wilson
  • Margot Brereton
  • Bernd Ploderer

How and Why I Cheated On My App: User Experience of Cheating Physical Activity Exergame Applications

  • Yeoreum Lee
  • Youn-kyung Lim

hm “This is My Story…”: Storytelling with Tangible Artifacts among Migrant Women in Germany

  • Anne Weibert
  • Konstantin Aal
  • Nora Oertel Ribeiro
  • Volker Wulf

DeepBUFS: Deep Learned Biometric User Feedback System

  • Christopher Chow

Transform Your Kids Into Self Sustainable Power Plants: Teaching Sustainable Behaviour to Young Users

  • Emmi Parviainen
  • Ellinor Lagerström
  • Preben Hansen

Mobile Hand Gesture Toolkit: Co-Designing Mobile Interaction Interfaces

  • Susanne Koch Stigberg

Composting as Interior Design: Encouraging Sustainability throughout a Participatory Design Process

  • Emmi Parviainen
  • Ellinor Lagerström
  • Preben Hansen

The Voice Pump: An Affectively Engaging Interface for Changing Attachments

  • Jonas Fritsch
  • Mogens Jacobsen

CymaSense: A Real-Time 3D Cymatics-Based Sound Visualisation Tool

  • John McGowan
  • Grégory Leplâtre
  • Iain McGregor

Reconstrained Design: A Manifesto

  • Julian Hanna
  • James Auger
  • Enrique Encinas

Leaky Objects: Implicit Information, Unintentional Communication

  • Karey Helms

The Meaningful Integration of Interactive Media in Architecture

  • Maarten Houben
  • Benjamin Denef
  • Matthias Mattelaer
  • Sandy Claes
  • Andrew Vande Moere

RunMerge: Towards Enhanced Proprioception for Advanced Amateur Runners

  • Francisco Kiss
  • Konrad Kucharski
  • Sven Mayer
  • Lars Lischke
  • Pascal Knierim
  • Andrzej Romanowski
  • Paweł W. Wozniak

Experimental Engineering: Articulating and Valuing Design Experimentation

  • Anna Vallgårda
  • Erik Grönvall
  • Jonas Fritsch

Celebrating Laughter: Capturing and Sharing Tangible Representations of Laughter

  • Kimiko Ryokai
  • Elena Duran
  • Dina Bseiso
  • Noura Howell
  • Ji Won Jun

Exploring People’s Emotional Bond with Places in the City: A Pilot Study

  • Shenando Stals
  • Michael Smyth
  • Oli Mival

Empowering Citizens with Spatially Distributed Public Visualization Displays

  • Sandy Claes
  • Jorgos Coenen
  • Andrew Vande Moere

HeartBeats: A Speculative Proposal For Ritualization of Digital Objects

  • Sara Eriksson
  • Preben Hansen

Takt: The Wearable Timepiece That Enables Sensory Perception of Time

  • Sara Eriksson
  • Filip Gustafsson
  • Gustav Larsson
  • Preben Hansen

hm The Sophi HUD: A Novel Visual Analytics Tool for News Media

  • Jessica Peter
  • Steve Szigeti
  • Ana Jofre
  • Gordon Edall
  • Sara Diamond

ReflectiveHUD: Designing Spatial Interaction History

  • Ahmed E. Mostafa
  • Ehud Sharlin
  • Mario Costa Sousa

Exploring the Making Activities of Women in Crisis Situations

  • Tara Capel
  • Dhaval Vyas

Provoking Performing Objects: Expanding the Design Space for Soft Robotics

  • Harvey Bewley
  • Anna Vallgårda

hm Is Driverless Car Another Weiserian Mistake?

  • Hamed S. Alavi
  • Himanshu Verma
  • Farzaneh Bahrami
  • Denis Lalanne

Aesthetics of Haptics: An Experience Approach to Haptic Interaction Design

  • Wendy Dassen
  • Miguel Bruns Alonso

bestpaper Light Behavior Design: Violation of Unification Principles and the Effect on the User Experience

  • Wendy Dassen
  • Stephan Wensveen
  • Pierre Levy